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PremiumDB is a company specialist in Villas works.

We love all villa projects whether if the works consist of a renovation of an existing villa, a demolition of an existing, building up a totally new one or building a villa from the scratch.

Every job has something beautiful and different which make it special.

We get to know you before we build your house, this is the only way of creating a magic place. Your house must resemble who you are and what you love.


One of our main skills are fully-renovation works of apartments, with more than 65 renovation jobs per years, we have a wide range of experience in this matter.

Thanks to our in-house team of labours, electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, and blacksmiths combined with our trades-network of glassing, finishes, etc PremiumDB has become is a top efficient and reliable constructor in Marbella.


More than 100 developers work in cooperation with us for their businesses.


Premium builders’ team is formed by highly educated professionals. Our in-house Engineers and Architects have the necessary skills to confront every new challenge that our clients bring to our offices. Although our company was born 3 years ago, our experiences goes up to 40 years of construction and design all around the world. Based at Marbella, Costa del Sol, we operate internationally and our connection with the European markets is growing every day.

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